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Silica sol Kurt Obermeier GmbH amp Co KG

Silica Sol Kurt Obermeier Gmbh Amp Co Kg

Silica sols are aqueous, solvent-free, low-odour, colloidal solutions of amorphous silicon dioxide SiO2 with particle sizes from 5 nm to 100 nm. Because of the special manufacturing process the silica comes in the form of free, non-crosslinked, single spherical particles that have a negative charge in anionic sols, which are stabilised by ...

The performance of a silicabased mixed gel electrolyte in

The Performance Of A Silicabased Mixed Gel Electrolyte In

Jul 01, 2012 The fumed silica involved in this work was Aerosil 200produced by Dedussa Co., Germany denoted as A200, and the colloidal silica was eka Bindzzl 40 produced by Akzo Nobel Co., Netherlands. Table 1 summarizes the composition of the gelled electrolytes.

SolGel Gateway Colloidal solutions and particles

Solgel Gateway Colloidal Solutions And Particles

Eka Chemicals is the largest supplier of colloidal silica in the world, with production in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Besides its main application in paper manufacturing, Eka s Bindzil silica is used in industrial applications such as investment casting, refractory materials, polishing and frictionising.

History Eka from the 1890s to today Nouryon

History Eka From The 1890s To Today Nouryon

Colloidal-silica production unit acquired in Taiwan. Eka Chemicals acquires Enso Paperikemia, with plants in Oulu, Finland, thereby extending Eka operations to paper coating. 1998 Expansion of sodium chlorate capacity in Mo i Rana, Norway and Talcahuano, Chile. Sodium percarbonate introduced as a bleaching agent for detergents. 1999

Eka Chemicals RISI Technology Channels

Eka Chemicals Risi Technology Channels

Oct 13, 2011 BOHUS, Sweden, April 15, 2011 Press Release -Today, AkzoNobels Pulp and Paper Chemicals business, Eka Chemicals, celebrates the start-up of its new production plant for colloidal silica at the companys Guangzhou site in Guangdong province, southern China.

Swedens Eka in new moves to protect Compozil patent ICIS

Swedens Eka In New Moves To Protect Compozil Patent Icis

Apr 04, 2001 LONDON CNI--Swedens Eka Chemicals, part of the Dutch Akzo Nobel group, has taken further legal action to enforce its European patent rights for Compozil, a colloidal silica sol used in papermaking.. Eka said Wednesday that injunctions have been sought in France and Sweden against Nalco France and Nalco Chemical respectively to prevent them from supplying and marketing Nalco

Bindzil and Levasil Product Guide functions and

Bindzil And Levasil Product Guide Functions And

For maximum shelf life, our colloidal silica dis-persions should be stored between 5 and 35 C. If exposed to freezing temperatures, colloidal silica dispersions will irreversibly precipitate. Colloidal silica dispersions are best stored in dark, closed tanks made of

Surface modified silica nanoparticles as emulsifier

Surface Modified Silica Nanoparticles As Emulsifier

2.1 Chemistry of colloidal silica Colloidal silica is a concentrated dispersion of discrete amorphous silica particles in a liquid. If the liquid is organic it is called an organosol but the most commonly used is water and then it is referred to as an aquasol or hydrosol

Bindzil and Levasil colloidal silica

Bindzil And Levasil Colloidal Silica

AkzoNobel is the global market leader in colloidal silica Europe Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB Colloidal Silica SE-445 80 Bohus, Sweden T 46 0 31 587000 F 46 0 31 587014 Akzo Nobel Chemicals GmbH Colloidal Silica Kreuzauer Str. 46 DE-52355 D ren, Germany T 49 0 2421 59501 F 49 0 2421 595635 Asia Akzo Nobel Asia Pte. Ltd.

Silica sols in papermaking EKA Nobel AB

Silica Sols In Papermaking Eka Nobel Ab

Jun 27, 1994 Jun 27, 1994 The silica sols are here used as additives to the stock in combination with cationic polymers, primarily to increase retention and dewatering at papermaking. In the European patent 41056 is for example disclosed the use of colloidal silica sols in combination with cationic starch in the production of paper.

PDF Selection of Colloidal Silica Grouts with Respect to

Pdf Selection Of Colloidal Silica Grouts With Respect To

Feb 06, 2017 Cembinder, Eka EXP36, and MEYCO MP320 are three colloidal silica materials that have been proposed for post-excavation grouting of deep tunnels in a radioactive waste repository.

WO2004035473A1 Colloidal silica dispersion Google

Wo2004035473a1 Colloidal Silica Dispersion Google

The invention relates to a method of producing a stable substantially aqueous silanized colloidal silica dispersion having a silica content of at least about 20 wt, comprising mixing at least one silane compound and colloidal silica particles, wherein the weight ratio of silane to silica is from about 0.003 to about 0.2. The invention also relates to a dispersion obtainable by the method, and ...

US6372806B1 Method of making colloidal silica Google

Us6372806b1 Method Of Making Colloidal Silica Google

Disclosed are stable, aqueous colloidal silicas having surface area of greater than 700 m 2 g and S-values of from 20-50. These colloidal silicas do not require treatment with surface treatment agents such as aluminum to achieve stability. These colloidal silica aquasols can be produced and stored at concentrations of greater than 7 percent by weight SiO 2 solids, and even as high as 15 ...

Surface Active Silica Sols

Surface Active Silica Sols

Total production of colloidal silica was around 83,000 tons in 2002. There are several manufacturers of colloidal silica in United States, where the largest amount is being produced, Germany, Sweden, France, Japan and United Kingdom.8 Colloidal silica sols

Levasil Colloidal Silica Nouryon

Levasil Colloidal Silica Nouryon

Levasil SP3089 is an alkaline, aqueous dispersion of colloidal silica that is approximately 50 solids by weight. The silica dispersion is sodium stabilized and the amorphous silica particles carry a negative surface charge. The silica particles are discrete, have a smooth, spherical shape, and are present in a wide particle size distribution.